What not to do while visiting my house!

Ok here goes…..

1. Before you walk through my door remember that not only am I OCD but my husband is also blessed with it.

2. My husband pays the bills here. This includes the power and water. I can’t think of many reasons that require either a 45 minute shower or us cooling the outside world. We may live on the coast but this isn’t a lighthouse so cut the damned lights off when you leave a room!

3. If you make a mess clean it up, I am not your maid and we don’t have a maid. Act right and show respect.

4. We have a baby that occasionally takes naps so shut the fuck up and don’t run up and down the fucking hallway!

5. Leave your smart mouth behind before you bite off more than you can chew.

6. Don’t disrespect my father in my home. You may think; and I quote you “are the most beautiful woman he has dated” but I have in fact seen you without the 17lbs of make up and hairspray and though you may not look like a bulldog your pathetic personality qualifies you to be one of the world’s ugliest dogs.

7. Any children that enter my home will act as my children do or you can take said children and hit the fucking road. Again, this is our house.

8. Don’t tell me how to raise my children or you will hear words come out of my mouth that will both shock you and belittle you in such a way that you may forever stay within the confinement of your own home.

For now that is all but I am sure I will be adding many more in the future. In conclusion I think that I just really hate people.


Fight for Love

I’ve had many people ask how I met my husband. That’s not the interesting part. As funny as it seems we met at the gas station I was working at. He always jokes that I only wanted him for his car but the truth is I had to figure out something to say to him. And so I said hey nice car. And his reply was maybe I’ll take you for a ride in it sometime. He left and pulled out of his parking spot only to pull right back in so he could give me his number. The rest is history. From that moment on we have spent very few nights apart.
The interesting part began a couple months later when he got a job in a different state and we packed a car up and took off to the unknown. Before I go on I want to make one thing clear, my daughter stayed safely behind with my ex-mother-in-law so that we could get settled without taking her out of school, etc. So…we get to the new state and new job which promised him the world. We were both pretty excited to be moving to a coastal town because we both love the beach life. So things started out ok but quickly we realized we were screwed. As the days went by we suddenly found ourselves living in my Durango, eating 1 pack of ramen noodles a day if we were lucky. No place to shower but let me tell you, you can quickly adapt to a sink bath in the nearest McDonalds bathroom. There was no job to be found for me so I spent my days in the Durango watching him work and praying things would change. One night we decided we hadn’t done anything fun besides set and watch cars drive by so we took our $10 and went to play pool at a local bar. Yes I know we should have ate but at this point we were so down about the situation we really didn’t care and just needed to forget for a while. That night we met what I still say to this day were 2 angels (ofcourse they could have been a husband and wife team of serial killers). They invited us into their home and we actually got to sleep on a bed and amazingly they cooked for us the next morning. I never will forget their kindness and I still think of them often and do my best to keep paying it forward. Well, work didn’t get any better so I contacted an old manager who begged me to come to work. We took the last pay check and drove back to our hometown, 13 hours. I know my husband must have thought he failed us but he did not. We stuck together through the entire thing. They always say you will look back and laugh and we do. We still say hey do you remember. And yes we do, we always will. It brought us together, we had to work together, tolerate each other and all we had was each other. He tells me all the time that I could have just drove off, could have left him at any time but that’s not how relationships work. At any rate, we were married on April Fool’s Day of that year, no joke. And here we are still working together through ups and downs like people should. People should fight for love instead of throwing it away. ~NickNack

Why the Education System is failing my child.

For years I have struggled with my oldest child’s education. It’s like being at war with a bunch of happy, illiterate buffoons that only care for their paycheck and when summer starts so they don’t have to teach. Many people tell me just be happy she is passing school. This my friends may be true but is it passing or is it being passed along to the next grade and the next set of teachers who will do the same and so on? She isn’t bringing home a report card full of failing grades, she isn’t a trouble maker or a bully so for that I am thankful. Let me give you a quick run down of our experience thus far.

From the start of school I knew she was behind. Preschool and kindergarten went as I assume most do and we went on to 1st grade. This is where it all began. It wasn’t easy for her to pick up new things when it came to reading or comprehension. The teachers kept telling me and I quote “she is so sweet, she will be fine”. I made the decision to hold her back a year and repeat the 1st grade. She still struggled even repeating the same grade so we began the testing procedures for learning disabilities. Of course, I was dead on, her learning disabilities are with reading and comprehension. So we set down and made a plan, the wonderful IEP. They would take her to the side and focus on her during the day to help her to get back up to speed. On to 2nd grade we go, it was the same shit different year, different set of teachers who told me how sweet she was. Grade 3 (diagnosed ADHD, missed Autism by 3 points) and 4 (tested again, same conclusion, different doctors) and now we are at 5. So this year we moved 7 hours away from the last backwoods no good school we were dealing with. We moved into our new home and I was seriously onboard with homeschooling but she wanted to go make friends in our new town and do what all kids do so I called the school to schedule our time to go enroll. So off we go to what I just know is going to be another wonderful institution of education. They assure me it will all be ok, they will get her caught up and blah, blah, blah. So, it’s the end of the year and we already know they are passing her with an average of a 75, yeah just enough to make it. And guess what they tell me…She is so sweet! I swear if one more teacher tells me she is sweet I am going to flip. Sweet doesn’t get you anything in life.

Some may think I am being crazy about this. And yes I am fully aware that my child is not alone and there are those that are much worse off than she is. But what the hell are we teaching our children by letting them barely slide by? Am I the only one who questions it? She has already figured out that she doesn’t need to try harder or excel to the top to make it. Hell, they give out awards now for everything, everyone is a winner. Fuck that, everyone is not a winner and in the real world not a damn thing is just given to you.

Please keep in mind that yes I am what most would consider a nice and well-mannered person. However, those that know me know that I have the mouth of a sailor and if you piss me off I don’t care to tell you how far it is to the next bridge so they you can jump, hell I will help push if that’s what you need. And at this point I am so sick and disgusted over the education system it is all I can do some days to contain my rage and not go blindly running into every school ripping down teaching degrees and good school awards all with a smile on my face, singing Welcome to the Jungle.


I will go farther in detail at a later date but the baby says that Mommy is done typing for now.